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How often should you clean our dryer vent?

The national fire protection association recommends once a year. 

However, this recommendation fluctuates depending on:

  • Family Size

  • Pet presence

  • Type of laundry

  • Amount of loads per week

What happens if you don't clean your dryer vent?

  • Clothes will take longer to dry, wasting time and energy while skyrocketing operating costs

  • Heating element works 10x harder resulting in 'burn out' and costly repairs

  • The dryer and house could catch on fire

What does a dryer vent cleaning include?

  • Inspection of the exhaust vent.

    • Climbing on top of roof or side of the house to inspecting pressure

  • Clearing obstructions 

    • All dirt, debris, leaves, and animal wastes/nests

  • High pressure cleaning​​ of inside and outside vents

    • Whip lint 

    • High pressure push

    • Vacuum​​

  • Cleaning Dryer​

    • Drum 

    • Electrical 

    • Heating Element

    • Lint Trap

    • Housing

  • Cleaning behind dryer

    • Repair/Reattach duct ​

How to keep your dryer vent clean?

  • Switch to a liquid fabric softener

  • Replace long flexible vent pipe with a solid pipe

  • Reduce the length of vent travel by moving dryer closer to external wall

  • Between loads, allow the dryer to cool down for 20mins

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